Mission statement

True to the motto “here it doesn’t roll of the assembly line, here we produce with heart and hand”, we produce exclusive products made from real buckhorn.

This base material, also called the “ivory of the forest”, should be regarded and worked with reverence as befitting its uniqueness. Each antler is as unique as a snowflake. We use discarded antlers exclusively from red dear (Cervus elaphus) and European fallow deer (Cervus dama), as well as roebuck (Capreolus capreolus). For products where blades are used, we import the material from Russia, Sweden, and Canada. We only use specially selected antlers and blades of the best quality in our workshop. These are crafted in their natural finish and are only re-dyed on very rare occasions. Should the latter be necessary, we employ a special agent which provides a similar finish to that of the natural buckhorn.

We have included a range of products in our new assortment, whereby we now craft the horns of African wild animals.

We still have a well-stocked warehouse with custom made goods made from axis deer for use in cutlery and knife handles as well as hiking stick handles and umbrellas, which we imported in large quantities directly from India before the export ban came into effect.

We attach great importance to cutting up antlers and blades as little as possible so as to let all its beauty flow directly into our products.

No nickel-plated fittings (caps and clamps) are used for the manufacture of traditional hunting knives, cutlery and pieces of cutlery, only parts made from nickel silver precision casting, decorative fittings made from high quality brass castings (plated with real silver) and decorative fittings made from Silver 925. Our assortment of luminaries all contain metal pieces which are antique copper-plated and protected against tarnishing.

Luminaries that we produce for international customers are installed according to the regulations which apply in the country in question.

All wooden pieces are made out of solid oak and the carvings are completely handmade.

Our high quality lighting glass is blown, the color coating then burned-in and elaborately covered with ground animal motifs. We have these especially manufactured, and consequently there is no other supplier on the market who can attain this quality of work. We obtain 90% of our components from the local region or from the federal territory. We only rely on international suppliers for 10% of the total.

When you purchase one of our articles you can be sure that you are the owner of a brand-name product made in Thuringia, Germany.

You will note that inventiveness and perfect craftsmanship are the hallmarks and it is in this that the passionate link to natural buckhorn finds expression through artistic handicraft. We make continuous efforts to produce goods to an excellent level of quality so as to differentiate them from those of our competitors, since satisfied customers make for our success.

Should you ever find a defect with one of our products, please tell us about it. Failing this, you can confidently go on to recommend us. We are also grateful for any new ideas and inspiration we receive for the continuous development of our products. Should you have discarded antlers or blades that you wish to have crafted, we are the right address for you – and we are at your service.