Thuringian handicraft at the service of the German and international hunting tradition.

Hunting has become an integral element of society ever since the origins of human settlement on earth. This was primarily to have supply of nourishment, but also to make good use of the skin, bones and horns. The artistry employed in the manufacture of jewellery and works of art from trophies and discarded antlers is therefore an ancient one. The health resort Floh-Selingenthal and its district Kleinschmalkalden are located directly at the Rennsteig Trail, the most famous hiking trail in Germany.

Embedded into the enchanting Schmalkalde valley and surrounded by green forests, the location inspires a unique allurement and the beauty of the surrounding landscape makes for the optimal peaceful and relaxing holiday.

The landscape and clean air here turns into a unique experience as one finds carefree relaxation, tranquility and recuperation from the stresses of everyday life, all away from busy roads and mass tourism.

The crafting of horn products has a long tradition in the region surrounding the Great Inselsberg Mountain.

It is known from the location’s history that knives and cutlery with deer horn clutches were produced in Kleinschmalkalden in the mid 19 hundreds by a small family-run operation called Hörchner.

Our facilities are located directly at the centre of the village, on the main road to Brotterode.

Changes to personal career changes in 1972 opened up the first links to the natural product of buckhorn. That was to become the foundation for what was to become a reality in 1990; the founding of an owner-operated enterprise. Ever since this passionate association with buckhorn products took place it has become an indispensable part of the family life.

Mass production was never intended to be a goal of the company. Attention was always paid to an individually tailored production of goods.

Having begun in May 1990 in three basement rooms, 1991 saw the conversion of the adjacent garage into a small shop. The new construction of the current business premises then followed in 1999 as a consequent positive development.

Owing to the commitment of the entire family, the production center developed from the outset as a prominent address for hunters and nature lovers.

Today, it is not only customers from the German-speaking region, but clients spread throughout the world who value handcrafted Funk/Germany products.

It should be pointed out that no animal life must be lost to procure the necessary raw materials. The lay person should note that deer, elk and roebuck shed their headdress once a year and that this then grows back within a short time.

We would be delighted to welcome you in person and have the opportunity to discuss your personal requirements in a familiar atmosphere. A generously designed and spacious display and sales room are at your disposal.

We naturally craft discarded antlers supplied by you according to your own specifications and wishes.

We also gladly help you with the arrangement or redesign of a restaurant or hotel. If it is luminaries, trophies or animal products/displays you are after, then have come to the right place. We provide the best references nationally and internationally which attest to our competence.

Should you be contemplating a visit and wish to combine it with some recreation at the Rennsteig Trail, we would be happy to assist you with accommodation arrangements.

Please give us a call, or send us a fax or e-mail, for a satisfied customer assures our success.